Post-Baby, Mind & Body

Lots of new-mom bloggers seem to do one of these posts, regardless of the scope of their blog. Given the fact that I spend a lot of time here on my own blog talking about fitness, body image, my past disordered eating recovery … it seems only appropriate to do a quick post about my post-baby mind and body after delivery.

Ben was two weeks yesterday and I got the green light to drive, so I figured this was a good time to share where I’m at, mentally and physically.

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Ready to Ex-er-cise!

Two or three weeks before having Maya, I was still getting strong Braxton-Hicks contractions when I exercised. That, coupled with increased pressure on my lower back and bladder, meant workouts were becoming more and more difficult. I made the decision to stop formally working out and was totally OK with it at the time. I knew I was having a C-section and did not want to set myself into early labor if I could avoid it.

The only problem I have with a C-section is the lengthy recovery time–much of which is due to the internal healing one experiences following major abdominal surgery.

Though I physically have felt great since probably 3 days after my C-section, I was certainly in no condition to exercise –hell, I could barely get in and out of a car or bed for two weeks without difficulty!  And even the following few weeks, I felt better and stronger, but had zero energy and couldn’t even fathom finding time to exercise — let alone the physical capacity to do so.

Now, I’m 5+ weeks post-partum and have my 6-week check-up this Friday, where I will hopefully be given the green light to exercise again … and I couldn’t be happier.

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