Embracing Unpredictability

If I am one thing, it’s predictable.

I wake around the same time each day, eat similar foods, wear similar types of clothes (varying for seasons), do my hair/makeup in the same order, drive the same routes to work, buy the same things at the same stores, etc.

I’m certainly a creature of habit. And Rocco is certainly not. He takes ‘predictable’ and throws it out the window.

While we can let him cry it out if he’s sad in the middle of the night, when he wakes and screams because he needs to go out in the morning we’re at his beck and call, much like parents of a newborn.

For example, Sunday he woke at 6:55. Good boy!

Monday, I woke him at 6:30, knowing it was out first work day leaving him, and he’d need time to unwind. Continue reading “Embracing Unpredictability”