Evening Potty-Training in One Simple Step

Maya had never, ever, ever been dry at night. She’s been dry at naps for well over a year (since about 2 1/2), but never once at night.

So when I told Luis it was time for her to get night-time potty-trained this summer, he thought I was nuts. “She isn’t ready,” he protested. “She’s never even been dry!”

“I know,” I said, evenly. “But she has to learn. She’s 3 1/2. It’s time.” I shocked myself at how sure I was that this methodology I’d heard of from a friend was going to work. I just knew it in my bones. Call it “mommy intuition,” I just knew.

I also knew we would surely have many nights of wet sheets and jammies ahead … but I had faith in my kiddo.

And I was right on both accounts: she would have accidents, and she would “get it” quickly. Continue reading “Evening Potty-Training in One Simple Step”


PM potty training

PT usually has meant “part-time” to me, in reference to one’s work commitment. But in mommy-speak, it refers to potty-training. Ah, potty-training …

Last summer, an unfortunate bout of chicken pox was just the impetus we needed to fully potty-train Maya (she was 2 1/2).

Though she’d been regularly going on the potty since before she was 2, she needed that jolt and once she did, there was no going back. I sent her to school with diapers for nap … but within a few weeks of her being daytime potty-trained, her teachers told me she was doing great without them at nap-time. Wha?!! Continue reading “PM potty training”

Proud Mama!


Yesterday Maya’s daily report card had an extra-special message from her teacher: “She is doing wonderful! 🙂 She is going all on her own!”

We all did the happy dance, for sure — but what has surprised me most of all is she hasn’t been wearing diapers at nap-time this week! Sometimes she’s woken to use the bathroom, or slept through, but she’s been dry now for 2 weeks at school (including this week at naps) and she has been going in public places (when need be …and with a fight but still …) so I feel like we have turned a MAJOR corner here on this journey to self-sufficiency/independence.

Of course, doing well these past three weeks doesn’t mean accidents won’t happen — she’s still only two — and we haven’t tackled the overnight diaper situation yet, which is bound to be a challenge. But I think we can safely say, she really is day-time/nap-time potty-trained!

While the chicken pox was not something I’d wish on anyone, being home and quarantined three weeks ago really did help in the world of potty-training.

Hurrah for something positive coming out of an otherwise sucky situation!



Oversharing vs. Posing a Question

I want to preface this post by saying I thought twice about even writing it after reading this article a colleague shared on Facebook called “Mommy Bloggers and Daddy Facebookers,” which basically argues that we parents who share details about our kids’ lives online are going to get major backlash when our kids grow up.

While I don’t agree with a lot of what the author argues (I don’t post pics for “likes”) I do think there’s merit to thinking twice and not sharing every little detail … yet when your blog is your virtual baby book and you have family and friends reading …  how do you know when to not share? Continue reading “Oversharing vs. Posing a Question”

Bedtime Changes

Bed-time at Casa Henriquez has been pretty consistent from the start: bath, story/song (depending on the night), snuggles, bed.

Once Maya hit 18 months, we began adding a potty attempt before bath and, in the past few months, have added one more try before bed since she’s been doing pretty well during the day.

(Note: she’s still in diapers because of my own laziness/stress with the move and her transitioning to the preschool room, but she goes on the potty probably 4-6 times a day right now, including 2-3 times at school, if not more — so I know she is ready for the full commitment … just need to do it). Continue reading “Bedtime Changes”

Potty Training Update

Like with everything we have encountered in these two+ years of parenting, there are a million ways to potty-train your child, and I don’t believe there is a “right way.” There’s just the way that works for your sister, and your best friend, and your neighbor’s babysitter, and your uncle’s step-daughter … but ultimately what matters is what works for YOU, the parent(s)/child team.

As I have mentioned here before, we’ve taken the long, slow progressive route to potty-training. Some people have told me this isn’t the way to go, but I whole-heartedly disagree. Maya has been sitting on the potty every night before her bath since she was 18 months old. It took her a good two months to get what she was sitting there to do (meaning, she peed) … but she had been showing plenty of “ready” signs … deep curiosity of the bathroom and the potty itself; alerting us when she was going to the bathroom; and she was able to undress herself (to some extent). Given these things, I felt confident in trying and just seeing where it went. And it worked. Continue reading “Potty Training Update”

Bribery & Potty-Training

“Maya pee pee potty, Mommy give Maya L & M.

Yes, folks … I am bribing my potty-training child with M&Ms, a.k.a., the Devil’s snack! Cue the JAWS score.

I was worried this bribery would corrupt her, but so far, it seems to be working quite magically … so if she ends up corrupted but potty-trained, I’ll cut my loss. 🙂 Continue reading “Bribery & Potty-Training”

Tinkle, Tinkle Little Star


Guess who went pee pee on the potty tonight for the first time?!!

[Disclaimer: I am sharing this news here because, well, it’s my blog … but mostly because I am not going to be sharing my toddler’s toileting habits on Facebook or Twitter; this is my “safe space.” Plus, I feel like those reading my blog either know me in real life (family/friends) or know me via the blog so hopefully no one is offended by this post. If you are, stop reading now.]

Continue reading “Tinkle, Tinkle Little Star”