progress …

Since recommitting to healthier eating and more exercise on March 31, my pants fit better, I feel stronger and leaner, and I’m down 6.6 pounds. On my frame, that’s pretty nice. Not noticeable to the eye or enough to drop a size, but still noteworthy.

As of my last weigh-in, I’m 0.4 lbs away from my pre-pregnancy weight … and that feels great. I gained 34 pounds this time vs. 25 last time. So nine months on; 6.5 months off (whereas last time, four months off). Continue reading “progress …”


Belly Love

I have not been pregnant for more than six months now (and no, I’m not pregnant now, either!)

Yet I still find myself subconsciously touching my belly ALL.THE.TIME. Kind of like I did when I was still in my first trimester and not yet showing, or even well into the second trimester I guess. When I looked rounder but didn’t have the big bump. Even at nine months, my bump wasn’t enormous, but it didn’t stop me from caressing it. It held Maya, after all! Continue reading “Belly Love”

Almost “Me” Again

My sister is visiting–YAY!

In addition to all of us spoiling Maya rotten last night with clothes and accessories and shoes (jellies! sneaks!) I decided to get myself a little something.

Now, in the past (and I realize this sounds bad) I spoiled myself often without second thought … but since having Maya, I’ve bought myself few things — mostly because it’s so much fun to shop for her, but also because it’s hard to be excited about clothes shopping when nothing fits exactly as you wish it would (irrelevant of sizing).

So even though I desperately am in need of transitional clothes that fit my not-pregnant-anymore/not-quite-back-to-normal-size body … I just haven’t bought much. Continue reading “Almost “Me” Again”

30 Minutes of Heaven

Boo-yea, I’ve still got it!

Sure, I’m not in the same shape I was in pre-pregnancy, and I’m definitely carrying extra weight at the moment but holy hell, I’ve still got it!

Today I got the green light to exercise at my 6-week check-up (and was told my scar is healing perfectly! YAY!).  As soon as my husband got home from work, I booked it to the gym. I did a half hour on the Precor with arms and from the moment I stepped on the machine, I felt “home.” Continue reading “30 Minutes of Heaven”