Chewing and Spitting & “The Bases”

baseball-diamond1You probably remember “the bases” from middle school and high school. You know: the locker-room gossip about how far someone would go sexually.

Well, I’m about to make a kind of crazy, provocative analogy that I truly hope won’t offend anyone, but it’s one that I’ve been thinking in my head for a long time now … and only now, do I feel comfortable enough to share it here with you, my readers.

One of the questions Dr. G. asked me (when I initially started therapy and we were talking about anxiety and my perfectionist tendencies) was how things are in the bedroom for me –am I able to “let go” and enjoy sex/intimacy.

I was kind of surprised, because I certainly wasn’t seeking therapy for marital problems or sexual problems of any kind.

But I guess when she heard so much about my tendencies to restrict certain foods at certain times, over-exercise, obsessive calorie-counting, negative body image etc., chewing and spitting — i.e., my tendency not handle such things in moderation — she was concerned perhaps those tendencies also flowed into my personal life (read as, sex life). Continue reading “Chewing and Spitting & “The Bases””