Friday Night Musings

The past few days have been quite monumental.

1) I’ve developed an official baby bump. (And it’s kind of cute, if I do say so myself! ;))

2) I’m more comfortable talking about my pregnancy now that I’m showing, but more so now that that the bulk of our testing is behind us (we still have the fetal echo on August 10 … but I am feeling good about it — at least, I’m thinking positively about how it will go!).

3) The flutters I’ve been feeling for about two weeks have been incredible, only to be topped by a first official kick last night around midnight. It threw me for a loop because it really felt like a poke … then nothing … then another poke. Today she’s been moving around quite a bit, and it’s comforting … especially since I won’t “see” her til 8/10. I haven’t been able to sit quietly yet tonight, but when I am rested/quiet, that’s when she seems to be the most active. Continue reading “Friday Night Musings”