the “perfection” myth

Perfection doesn’t exist, for any one or any thing. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.

People, by nature, are flawed. And even the most incredible vacation or meal or outfit innately will have a flaw at some point (a nasty sunburn; food poisoning; a snag in our tights). We just tend to focus on the good because, well, that’s human nature.

We remember drinking piña coladas in the swim-up bar while the sun sets; sinking our fork into the incredible flourless chocolate torte drizzled with raspberry coulis; how sexy we felt dancing in that gorgeous little black dress that made heads turn.

We forget the flaws because the good outweighs the bad.

I’ve never ever — not even for a second, not in a million years– thought of myself as someone who others would see as “perfect” or as someone who has it all together. Not even close. Continue reading “the “perfection” myth”

“You’ve Got to Want it to Win it”

I was a competitive cheerleader from sixth grade through high school.

My senior year, our team won a bid to the Universal Cheerleading Association’s Nationals competition in Orlando, Florida. It was a dream come true, and though we didn’t come close to placing, we had heart and determination that no one could deny.

One cheer that we used to use all the time as a get-psyched/get-pepped chant was:

“You’ve got to want it, to win it, to take it to the limit.
To take it to the limit, you want it and you win it.”

Yesterday, while chatting with a friend, something struck me: all this time I’ve been seeking to “win it” (weight loss battle, disordered eating issues, equating being thin = happy) when suddenly it hit me that maybe I won a long time ago; maybe I’m already a winner?!

I have an amazing and devoted husband, a fabulous family and support system of friends, a fantastic career, a house that is truly ours, and two degrees. I’m a demon at the gym, am physically healthy, and am learning to deal with anxiety and disordered eating issues …

Really, what more am I looking for to be happy with myself? A couple nagging pounds?! Will that really make a difference? Continue reading ““You’ve Got to Want it to Win it””