Careful, Momma …

This past Saturday while filming Maya and Daddy playing in the living room, I happened to catch an amazing moment on camera: Maya began walking! Our nearly four-month old peanut took her first (assisted) steps.

As you can see in the video below, she puts one foot in front of the other and holds her adorable self up as best she can. 🙂

To us, it was nothing short of amazing (especially since this child has no interest in rolling over, but has been trying to stand (assisted) for a good two months!).

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Kate & Me

I fully admit that I have never watched Jon & Kate Plus 8 …  but just from following their fall from grace in the tabloids and in the blogosphere over the past year or so (how could you miss it?!), I feel like she and I are (dare I say it?) soul sisters in a sense.

You see, while our life stories are completely different (and I don’t have 8 children/a reality show/book deals, or make my husband feel like he’s 2 and therefore needs to rebel and hook up with 21-yr old girls to sow his oats…) …

We have similar personality DNA, in that she and I are both Type-A control-freaks with super-high expectations for ourselves and those we surround ourselves with … who needed to be brought down to reality.

And over the past year, while she has navigated a separation and divorce in the public eye, I’ve put my recovery journey out there in the public (albeit a niche public!) eye.

One could argue taboo things like divorce or recovery belong behind closed doors (and full disclosure here–I still question her desire to continue the show with her children while going through her divorce), but I also think there is some truth to transparency being a (surprising) healer. Continue reading “Kate & Me”

Book Recommendation: Perfect Girls, Starving Daughters

I haven’t read this book yet, but, given my interest in (and experience with) disordered eating issues, MamaV recommended it to me this past weekend, and it’s the next book I’ll be picking up.

Courtney Martin’s acclaimed book is called Perfect Girls, Starving Daughters, and you can read the Amazon reviews here.

Straight from the Amazon review, “This eye-opening look at twenty-first century culture and its impact on women reveals how food and weight obsession, driven in no small part by images of celebrities openly wasting away, threatens a new generation of girls as the feminist exhortation that “you can do anything” is twisted into “you must do everything.” It also inspires readers to consider what wonderful things might happen if the madness stopped once and for all.”

MamaV’s book club is reading it and discussing a chapter a week — an awesome idea! Since I haven’t read it yet, I don’t have much to add … but you can bet my thoughts about it are going to find their way to this blog.

How about you? Have you read this book? Would you like to join me?