Seek First to Understand; Then Be Understood.

Seek first to understand; then be understood.

Wise words that can be applied to a ton of situations (specifically, communication and business) but, most relevant to me at the moment: parenting.

Parenting a toddler isn’t easy, and they sure don’t call it the “Terrible Twos” for nothing. You might think you know your child inside and out (especially after surviving infancy and the early toddler years) but sometimes it’s really hard to know what your child wants/needs in that exact moment … and it can get exasperating trying to deduce what’s wrong.

Maya is a Chatty Cathy … but if she’s throwing a tantrum, it’s often impossible for us to figure out what she is upset about  (if it seems to come from out of the blue). So short of understanding her, things like intonation, facial gestures, body language, eye contact become critical to deciphering what the problem is.

Once we understand what she is trying to tell us, we can [usually] react accordingly. Of course, this requires patience … something I still admittedly suck at. I mean, being a mom has made me more patient … but I’d still never say I am a patient person. Continue reading “Seek First to Understand; Then Be Understood.”

Nurse Melissa, At Your Service

This weekend we had a bit of a … situation with our adorable lil black lab puppy, Rocco.

Saturday, we’d gone to an Amish village in Indiana called Shipshewana for the day with friends. We basically ate our way through the village and literally every penny we spent was on food. It was heavenly.

One of my favorite foods to buy at Amish markets is those sugar-coated pectin fruit slices candies (as seen on the left). I suck all the sugar off them — I just love these little guys even though they are a pure caloric waste.

The other thing I love are these hard sanded black licorice candies. So I was happy to get both (plus some white chocolate baking medallions and these to-die-for mini dark chocolate raspberry cups).

When we got home with our bounty of buffalo burger meat, brats (for the hubs — I’m not a fan), cheeses, breads, sweets and candies … we unloaded everything to the fridge or bread box. I left the fruit slices and licorice candies on the island — tucked far away from the eager pup’s reach.

Now usually when we’re running around the house cleaning or what not, we’ll crate Rocco (or put him “in his house” as we tell him) since, at just over 16 weeks of age, he’s ridiculously curious and gets into anything and everything. Continue reading “Nurse Melissa, At Your Service”

“Todo Plazo Se Cumple”

Very loosely translated from Spanish, today’s headline alludes to “everything happens and comes to an end/everything has its time”

I found this quote apropos because tonight at about 10, we’ll be bringing my in-laws to O’Hare for their journey back to El Salvador. Though it hasn’t always been easy for me, the past three weeks have been pretty good, and I’ve really enjoyed the time with them.

Much of it had to do with reframing. The rest has to do with digging deep to find patience and compassion, two virtues — the former (which I’ve always lacked) and the latter, which I have always had but struggled with as of late. Continue reading ““Todo Plazo Se Cumple””