Waning Passions

Some people are born to sing. Dance. Act. Teach. Heal. Build. Govern. I was born to write. This isn’t said to imply I’m a gifted writer … just that I was born to write.

It’s been my life’s calling. I’ve been writing since pretty much I could put pen to paper. I remember writing full-on chapter books in elementary school, about identical twins named Kayla and Alexis and the shenanigans they got into (this was long before I began reading about the Wakefield twins). I wrote short stories in between homework assignments. I wrote poems on turquoise and lilac Super Shades notebook paper. Continue reading “Waning Passions”

On Blogging

imagesSo I’ve been at this blogging gig for five months now and am loving it. I carve out time to write each night and, with my husband in business school and either studying or at class, I have plenty of time.

Writing for me has always been therapeutic. But now, instead of journaling in my personal journal (which I used to do religiously every day), I find myself putting more of my thoughts here on my blog than in my journal which is both scary and thrilling at the same time.

Scary in that I realize information is a gift and don’t want to overshare anything about my family or friends. And thrilling in that people log on, Google me, and want to read my thoughts … however irrational they may be.

Wednesday night, Arianna Huffington of the Huffington Post was on the Daily Show, plugging her new book, The Huffington Post Complete Guide to Blogging.

Her first rule is to blog about something you’re passionate about. For me, I’m passionate about nutrition and fitness and psychotherapy. Hence, my blog was born. I have Rule #1 covered. (I’ll need to buy the book for the other “rules”). Continue reading “On Blogging”