“No Gym for You!”

I love my husband to death, but he got me sick and we’re leaving for Korea in FOUR DAYS!

Sure, he’s feeling better (the boy literally keeps Tropicana and Florida’s Natural in business)but now I’m sick. –> NOT HAPPY.

I started feeling the sniffles toward the end of the weekend and tried to ignore it.

Then yesterday my head started pounding, my glands were swollen and my throat started hurting when I swallowed.

By last night at the gym, I was really struggling and feeling it in my chest, too … and I knew I needed to see a doctor and get some drugs. Continue reading ““No Gym for You!””

Oh Panera, How I Love Thee … Let Me Count the Ways

untitledMy favorite summer salad is back at Panera, and I want the world to know it!!!

For anyone who doesn’t know which salad has won my heart time and time again, it’s the Strawberry Poppyseed Salad with chicken.

Can we say, SWOON!?

For the past five years now (has it been five?) it’s been my go-to summer staple. I LOVE this combo of fruit, nuts, meat. It’s sweet and salty, and oh-so-delish. I know I could recreate it at home, but it’s just not the same.

I hate the fact that it’s not available year-round, and so I literally await the arrival of this salad each summer. I guess there’s something to be said for waiting for good things … I’m just an impatient gal!

So when my friend (also a huge fan!) posted on Facebook that it was back, we had to go. (We went last week at lunch). Continue reading “Oh Panera, How I Love Thee … Let Me Count the Ways”