Incentivizing Health in the Workplace

This is a cross-post I did today for WeAretheRealDeal. You can read it here after the jump. Continue reading “Incentivizing Health in the Workplace”

“Do Your Best, Forget the Rest”

10minute_teaser_tony“Do your best, forget the rest.”

Of all of Tony Horton’s ridiculously cheesy lines in P90X, that one has got to be my favorite.

(For anyone who has experienced P90X, Tony’s full of great lines — the videos are worth it just for that 😉

Because really, how true is that of anything in life? We can’t all be (or necesssarily even want to be) corporate big-wigs, world-renown physicians, acclaimed lawyers, globe-trotting humanitatians …

But we can strive to do our best (at whatever we do) … and, in Tony’s words, “forget the rest.”

Of course it doesn’t mean to stop trying, but rather focus on working towards our own personal goals, and not someone else’s ideals. Naturally, this can be translated to anything in life, including body image issues.

The girl next to you on the treadmill might run a 7 minute mile, but you might have a monthly column in Cooking Light. Success means different things for different people, and when we’re striving our best for is ultimately what matters most. Continue reading ““Do Your Best, Forget the Rest””

Happy Times

hpim1871I don’t know what it is about a sexy LBD (little black dress), heels, and fun jewelry … but this weekend I felt good in my own skin. Confident, even.

It doesn’t happen often, but I know that when it does, I ought to embrace it and capitalize on it. I haven’t weighed myself in a really long time, but I don’t really care to, either — especially with my monthly guest, which arrived Monday.

The thing is, I shouldn’t necessarily need a fancy dress or an occasion to spark confidence. That magic can stick in my daily life, if I listen to my body and remember how good it feels to feel good and obey my hunger queues, obey my body’s limits, obey my cravings. Continue reading “Happy Times”

Reviews: P90X Teaser & 30 Day Shred, Level 2

100596241_tpThis weekend was all about fitness, and in a good, healthy way — not an excessive way.

The weather was so-so, and I didn’t want to spend as much time as usual at the gym, so I was super-happy to hit the gym moderately and have home options, too.

When my hubby and I were out shopping Saturday (after he took the second of his three finals — he’s almost done with this semester) I stocked up on lighter (5 lb) weights, a yoga mat and resistance bands (pictured to the left) so I could do my first session of P90X — Core Synergistics.

I’m following the “Lean” plan, which seems to be more suited to women, but we’ll see if I don’t end up switching to the Classic track, or kind of mixing the two — I’m curious about the Plyometrics DVD which isn’t used for the Lean Plan, and I do so much cardio on my own, that I’m not sure I will do the Cardio X DVD very often, though I need to give it a try tomorrow. Continue reading “Reviews: P90X Teaser & 30 Day Shred, Level 2”

Review: Jillian Michaels’ 30-Day Shred

51qlqi3yaolOK so you ladies (and gents) know I’m a gym-rat and I love fitness and working out. But I gotta say, Jillian Michaels kicked my ASS! And on Level One no less!

I do think I need lighter weights than the 8 lb. ones I have because I was struggling with some exercises and form is more important than the amount of weights being lifted.

I like how Jillian talks to you, and found her encouraging, not annoying like some fitness instructors are. I genuinely felt like I didn’t want to (ha!) let her down.

And what I like best is it’s under 25 minutes so I can do it start-to-finish three times a week without necessarily needing to go to the gym at the crack of dawn. Continue reading “Review: Jillian Michaels’ 30-Day Shred”

The Shred/P90X/Etc.

Random post, but has anyone tried Jillian Michael’s 30 Day Shred? What about P90X, which has taken the infomercial world by storm?

I just ordered the Shred, and it should arrive Monday. Very excited to try it; I hear it’s a killer and I’ve never done a fitness DVD. I’m such a total gym rat, but think it’d be awesome to have the ability to work out from home every now and then.

And, I’ve heard soooo much hype about P90X and was kind of curious about it — it’s a 90 day program, an hour a day, and it’s supposed to be killer. I like the idea of muscle confusion; it sounds logical. And for such a creature of habit, it’d be a good mix-up for me. Some male friends have done it and they post alllllllllllllll about it on Facebook.

So I figured I’d ask if anyone has had first-hand experience with either of these programs? I still have some fitness reimbursement funds I can use, and am considering getting P90X.

Finally, a small request: if anyone’s on Facebook and wants to be my friend 😉 I need people to confirm my blog. All you have to do is click here. Thanks!!

UPDATE: I ordered P90X — it will be here in 5-7 days! Hope I like it. 🙂