Willpower, Wantpower … Call it whatever; I don’t have any!

I plain out admitted to a friend last week that I don’t have the willpower OR the “wantpower” to actually lose weight. I later shared the sentiment with my Weight Watchers chat friends … and hearing myself say it was kind of life-affirming — cheesy as it sounds.

It’s not that I don’t think I’d look better without a couple pounds on me; surely I would! And it’s not that I wouldn’t feel better weighing a little less; again, surely I would!

But I don’t have the where-with-all/desire to diet (other than loosely following WW, going over my Points each week — oops) … to cut out things like sugar and bread and whatnot. I know it would work if I made the effort — but I’m just not there. And I don’t know that I’ll ever go back there. Continue reading “Willpower, Wantpower … Call it whatever; I don’t have any!”


Eating Bender — STOP THE INSANITY!

Confession: I’ve been on an eating bender for the past few months. Between vacations (Jamaica, Massachusetts, Mexico City), work events, meals out, date night … I’ve been a little piggy.

All the things I know I don’t need, know I can do without … I’ve given into them all … and all at once. Where I’d usually stop at one piece of chocolate, I eat four. Where I’d usually ignore store-bought cookies (not worth the calories), I’ve succumbed to their sugar-laden glory. Where I’d maybe share a few bites of dessert out, I go half-sies.

And it makes me feel crappy. Tired. Unhappy. Disappointed in myself for my lack of self-control or care. Continue reading “Eating Bender — STOP THE INSANITY!”

Random Musings and Merry Christmas Wishes

Me last Christmas break @ Thomas Sweets, my fave fro-yo place in D.C. Man I miss my city!

Merry Christmas, everyone — happy holidays!!

We are going to the Chicago ‘burbs to spend time with my hubby’s extended family.

Tonight I made my beloved Oreo balls (and aside from some chocolate chips, all I tasted was the corner of one — which I froze in a baggie to have later).

I hope they like them — they have two kids and I figure kids will eat anything with chocolate, right?!

I know I sound like a broken record here but instead of journaling tonight in my personal journal, I’m blogging Continue reading “Random Musings and Merry Christmas Wishes”

Me & Chex Mix = :(

(Note: no photo/image on purpose … must avoid this crack at all costs!)

Chex mix and I have a VERY abusive relationship.

The past few weeks, for reasons unbeknown to me, I’ve been ridiculously buying Chex mix (cheddar, honey nut, or most recently — the special edition cocoa!).

Chex mix which doesn’t fill me, is a waste of calories/Points, and leaves me always wanting more. I think it should be called Crack mix. Continue reading “Me & Chex Mix = :(“

Beckoners Vs. Hummers

BagelsAs you know, I’ve been chew/spit free since mid-March.

But I am still struggling with impulsive food purchases/eating.

 Granted, this isn’t nearly as terrible a habit as c/s was, but it’s still something that doesn’t exactly inspire pride, and is dangerous for my waistline.

Fortunately, at the gym this weekend, I found Geneen Roth’s latest column in Good Housekeeping which talks about why we eat what we eat. (I tried to find it online, but it’s not there yet.)

To summarize, in the article, she places the foods we eat into two categories: hummers and beckoners.

Continue reading “Beckoners Vs. Hummers”

The “Entitlement Factor”

1663397450_1644c386fd1When I lost weight, my tummy shrank.

This might sound like a big fat “duh” response to weight loss … but my appetite for food didn’t necessarily shrink, too.

And it irked me, especially once I settled into a comfortable weight range, that I could be satisfied on less … especially when “less” was becoming smaller and smaller portions.

The truth is, I like to eat, and always have. I’m not an over-eater, but I’ve always enjoyed food — talking about it, thinking about it, and now as I’ve gotten older, reading or writing about it, too.

And if I go to the trouble of weighing and measuring my food like I do, I want to be able to eat it. All of it. I feel “entitled” to it. It’s “mine.”

This is why my plate is usually loaded first and foremost with fruits and veggies: I get the biggest bang for my buck with them. I can be part of the Clean Plate Club if I want to be, and not feel uncomfortable about my choices.

I want to finish it, I feel “entitled” to finish it. So I call it … the “Entitlement Factor”. Continue reading “The “Entitlement Factor””

Hating on Buffets

Hello, food!
Hello, food!
I love to eat. And I love variety.

As a little girl, some of my favorite family memories are of buffets we’d go to on vacation. While visiting relatives down south, we’d always stop at Shoney’s … the Holy Grail of quick, economical road eats.

For my parents, it was easy: all three nagging kids could get what they wanted, and without the fuss of a sit-down restaurant.

As we got older, we’d go to buffet brunches at nice restaurants or hotels on holidays or special occassions. I’d usually stuff myself senseless, going up for seconds, thirds … (why not?) as we’d languish around the table.

In college, our dining hall was catered by Marriott, various food stations and … all you can eat. And ate I did.

So it’s ironic that I now loathe the mere thought of a buffet. Continue reading “Hating on Buffets”