You might not know this, but my undergraduate degree (from American University in Washington, D.C.)  is in international studies with a focus on communications.

It’s not a concrete degree as, say, a business degree or a teaching degree. But it aligned with my interests and gave me a broad perspective on our world, combining my love of foreign policy/international relations, politics and communications. Though I didn’t end up working for the State Department as a foreign service officer (as I often envisioned) I never stopped being passionate about  these things. In fact, the older I get,  I’ve found myself getting more and more analytical about world affairs and our civilian role in them.

And while I don’t claim to be an expert on Middle Eastern affairs, as an American who has done her fair share of reading in and out of school and watched 9/11 unfold before her eyes while on an Amtrak train, I felt compelled to put some of my thoughts down on paper today. Continue reading “USA! USA!”