Food Evolutions

Now that Maya is starting to eat solids (rice cereal with her 10 AM feeding — soon to be coupled with fruit; a veggie with her 4 PM feeding; a little more cereal with her 7 PM feeding), a whole new world has opened up for our family.

Watching her slurp up her solids (and getting them ALL over her face or all over ME when she blows raspberries with a full mouth [manners will come later!]), attempt to “chew” with her gums, and open her little birdie mouth for the spoon (it’s the cutest thing!) I got to thinking about how my own relationship with food has evolved since my infancy.

I’ve said before that my disordered habits didn’t begin til 2005, a year AFTER I lost weight on Weight Watchers. But looking back at my food history, I noticed there were some not-so-obvious hints at a future problem.

I could sum my evolution in seven phases: Childhood (ages 0-13), High School, College, Weight Watchers, Borderline Orthorexia, Chewing/Spitting, Pregnancy, and Now. Continue reading “Food Evolutions”


New Book Tells Women to Stop Fretting About Their Health

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Food Phobia

Blog reader and friend Yasmin sent me this awesome article that I wanted to share here today, called “Food Phobia”.

While I’m 100 percent guilty of having an aversion to many foods (be it texture, taste, fat content, calorie content) I am not really afraid of any food.

Therefore I can’t imagine living like Dave Nunley, who is  is a food phobic in the UK. According to the article, he has primarily subsisted on grated cheddar cheese since birth.

Yup, you heard me right. He’s eaten grated cheddar cheese every day of his life. Continue reading “Food Phobia”