Entitlement Eating

There’s intuitive eating, which can be defined as rejecting the diet mentality, listening to your body and honoring hunger cues to eat as intuitively as possible. Infants and toddlers are excellent intuitive eaters … and somewhere along the way, people like me have lost our ability to eat intuitively. (I blogged about this at Babble.com a couple months ago). 

We need a reset button in order to re-learn how to eat in this manner. Continue reading “Entitlement Eating”


In Pregnancy, a Neon Sign Might as Well Read: “Open for Judgment 24/7”

The past two days I had two interesting  body image experiences worthy of sharing here.

First, yesterday at the dog park, a woman my husband and I were chatting with asked when I was due. (Cue the fireworks, marching band, and streamers!).

I was wearing my fave pre-pregnancy gray winter trench coat, belted above my growing bump, and only buttoned on the first button. I finally felt like I actually “looked” pregnant from the front (not just the side) and was completely flattered and pleased with her comment. Continue reading “In Pregnancy, a Neon Sign Might as Well Read: “Open for Judgment 24/7””

Tipping the Scales

From the title, you probably think I’m referencing weight scales … and you wouldn’t be entirely wrong.

(I haven’t weighed myself since pre-Korea and I can tell you, I’m not feeling great and know it’ll be ugly when I do step on next week at the doctor’s).

But really, I’m talking about equilibriums with respect to health, and how I went from one end of the spectrum — restriction, over-exercising, obsession, avoidance of certain foods — to a much freer end of the spectrum where I am less restrictive, still exercising but not lifting, eating too much … and eating the wrong foods.

Basically, this Libra needs an exercise in BALANCE.

Though I sought a healthy lifestyle, the scales that once tipped in the direction of disordered eating (read as: UNHEALTHY) have now tipped the other way (also read as: UNHEALTHY) — where I’m eating things that just don’t make me feel good.

No one’s force feeding me and I’ve no one to blame but myself.

And yes, I realize I sound like a broken record here  … but I can’t seem to get a grip! Continue reading “Tipping the Scales”

Shrouding: Disordered or Not?

Heather’s recent post, “Helpful Hint or Disordered Eating” at Hangry Pants really got me thinking …

As Heather notes in her post, “For some time we’ve debated food destruction – ruining your food with something like salt or hot sauce so that it is inedible. Jillian Michaels pours candle wax on her food (thanks for the link Julie) when she is full, and instructs Biggest Loser players to destroy desserts with salt.”

While I think Jillian’s solution is on the extreme side, it saddens me to admit it’s not something I couldn’t have imagined myself doing back in the day of peak disorderedness.

Sad but true.

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When Does “Diligence” End and “Obsession” Begin?

This is my latest post over at WeAretheRealDeal.com. You can read it here or after the jump.

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An Unhealthy Obsession With ReddiWhip

fat_free1Oh ReddiWhip, (of the fat-free variety) how I love thee … let me count the ways!

This stuff is seriously crack to me. It’s addictive, versatile, and so damn good.

When I’m on my game, can I go through a can every three days, no joke. It’s supposed to serve 40 people at 5 calories a serving … but I eat it in three days; 1-2 pts a day … sigh. (The whole can is 200 calories).

I eat it on top of a 1/2 T of chunky PB — so delicious. Dolloped over ff/sf cocoa — so creamy. Or even squirted straight from the can — so rebellious. Continue reading “An Unhealthy Obsession With ReddiWhip”