December 18!

I had my OB appointment this morning and everything checked out good: good uterus measurements, good strong heart beat, good weight gain.

My doctor agreed with perinatology’s recommendation for a scheduled C-section; he said this is a unique situation, what with her size and the nuchal cord … and I know he wouldn’t recommend this procedure unless he stood firmly behind it (I’ve said before, he’s very pro-natural birth so for him to be recommending the C-section means it isn’t without justification).

This isn’t a matter of convenience for the doctor or for the mother, as you hear about all too often today … and I think I need to stop feeling hung up on that. In my case, it’s a medical recommendation. As my husband keeps reminding me: this delivery method is safer/less-risky for her health and well-being. While he doesn’t exactly love the idea of surgery (i.e., me being cut open) either, he recognizes the need and I’m coming to terms with it, myself. Continue reading “December 18!”


The Mind!@$!@ of “Eating for Two”

“Eating for two” is a total myth during pregnancy.

While it’s true you DO need about 300 extra calories a day (specifically in the 2nd and 3rd trimesters; usually only 100 in the 1st trimester) weight gain recommendations are really individual and dependent more on your pre-pregnancy weight than anything else.

So given the fact that I was about 15 lbs. over my comfortable weight pre-pregnancy, I’ve had 15-20 lbs. as a target gain from the get-go from my OB — which sounded quite doable, especially when you read about what that weight REALLY is.

And truthfully, I’ve been comfortable with that gain. In fact, given where I’m at now (26 weeks/about to start the third trimester next week) I am on track to gain about that much — which makes me (and my doctor and husband and family) happy.

All I know is, to get to that gain, I need to eat more than I had been pre-pregnancy … and so I have — without much difficulty 😉

I’ve felt like I was doing fine with my eating until the past week or so. You see, I didn’t mean to … but I sure felt like I ate for two this week, or at least one and a third. Continue reading “The Mind!@$!@ of “Eating for Two””