Waiting (and Exhaling)

The past six months in particular — since our house went on the market in April and we moved to our new house in May — have been really challenging, made only more challenging by the fact that I have been pregnant this whole time and couldn’t help Luis with a lot of the burden: maintaining the physical and financial aspects of two homes (and dealing with problems at both), mowing the lawn/landscaping two homes, moving (out of the old and into the new), unpacking, fixing things … I did what I could to pitch in but realistically I ended up keeping an eye on Maya far more than making a dent in unpacking. Continue reading “Waiting (and Exhaling)”


“You Are My Sunshine …”

youaremysunshine1Some of my earliest memories include my parents singing “You Are My Sunshine” to me in my crib.

My nursery was pale yellow (they didn’t know what I’d be at the time), with a rainbow that my dad painted when I was born.

So I guess as the prized first-born (ha!) you could say I grew up bathed in “shunshine” (as I pronounced it as a toddler), both literally and figuratively.

I loved the song so much that once I learned to talk, I used to add, “You’ll never know dear, how much I LOVEEEEEY you,” in this loud squealy-girly voice. And the song, to this day, always makes me smile.

Over the past few days, the notion of happiness/”shunshine” has been on my mind a lot — mostly because I’ve been feeling it without thinking about it. Continue reading ““You Are My Sunshine …””