Going Sugar Light … Borrowing from the Best!

Yum Yucky and Steph, two bloggers I love, have made verbal commitments on their blogs to cut out sugar.

Yum Yucky did her sugar black-out for a week (but even now, days later, is not craving it), and Steph has been at her sugar wean for several months now. Both have had wonderful success and feel better without sugar.

For me, sugar has been my crutch, my go-to “drug” of choice. Some people crave salt and fried things … not me. For me, it’s sugar. SUGAR.

And it has to stop. Continue reading “Going Sugar Light … Borrowing from the Best!”


A Little Breather …

Hi guys, just a little note … I’m taking a much-needed break from blogging the rest of this week, and didn’t want to disappear without giving some advance word.

Things are going well for me re: food/exercise/body image … and frankly, I don’t have much to say on that front–and that’s a good thing.

For a while now, part of me has been curious about putting this side (i.e., the recovery side) of my blog to bed in favor of broaching broader topics … but I’m nervous/unsure about it, or even how to do it.

I welcome thoughts from bloggers who have done this. How did you “un-brand yourself”? I don’t just want to be known as a recovery blogger. I mean, it’s a part of me, but not all of me. Continue reading “A Little Breather …”