21 Month Update: Tapping In to Toddler Comprehension

Note: This post is more for my own records than anything else. If you aren’t interested in toddler talk, feel free to skip this post! I won’t be offended!

Confession: At 21 months of age, I have no idea what my child really knows.

Sounds horrible, right? But it’s the truth! I’m literally blown away each day by the things Maya is absorbing — be it at home, at school, out and about, from watching the occasional Mickey episode (yes, that’s how she learned the word “hot dog” long before she ever ATE a hot dog!). I imagine I’m not alone in this sentiment; other parents have to feel this way too, right? Or maybe it’s just me? Continue reading “21 Month Update: Tapping In to Toddler Comprehension”


Wants and Needs

When newborn babies cry it can mean one of a million things: hungry, tired, wet/dirty diaper, over-stimulated, under-stimulated, needing affection — to name a few. As we gain experience as parents, we learn to decipher the cries. By process of elimination we can deduce that if baby was fed and changed not 10 minutes ago … this cry must be a “tired” cry.

And in time, we learn our particular babies’ types of cries: the I’m-busting-your-eardrums-because-I’m-pissed-you-aren’t-holding-me-in-this-very-second wail is often very different from the where-the-hell-is-my-bloody-milk shriek or the why-haven’t-you-changed-me scream. Continue reading “Wants and Needs”