The Final Countdown

T-24 til baby boy H arrives–and hopefully, not a moment sooner.

Not because I don’t want to be done with this stage of pregnancy — believe me, I do. But rather because there’s still so much to do before his arrival, and of course because I want him to bake as long as he possibly can.

Nonetheless, I’m sick of feeling enormous (and getting bigger by the day) and exhausted. I’m sick of being winded from next to nothing. I’m sick of the insomnia. The aching back. The heartburn. The sensation of starving one minute, stuffed the next, then hungry an hour later (body, make up your mind!). I’m sick of this overall lack of energy (yet I’m still forcing myself to work out because I know it’s good for me and the baby)). I’m sick of the lack of patience I feel towards Maya when, deep down, I know she is just feeling her oats and sensing things are about to change. And I’m sick of feeling little connection to this baby … connection I desperately want to feel, and am hoping I will once he’s here. Continue reading “The Final Countdown”