Learning to Let Go & Live a Little

My husband and I at Niagara Falls
My husband and I at Niagara Falls
Vacations are wonderful, aren’t they?

This past weekend, my husband, his family and I drove to Niagara Falls (the American side) for the Labor Day holiday weekend. There, we met my parents, who made the trip up from N.J.

We had a fantastic time, walking all over the place and experiencing the falls and all their glory during a boat-ride on The Maid of the Mist and a wet-n-wild walk through the Cave of the Winds. At night, we took photos and videos and savored the shared time with both our families.

I spent Sat. night with my parents at their hotel, and the alone-time with them was much-needed and greatly-appreciated, as these past 2.5 weeks have not been easy, and we still have 2.5 more before my mother-in-law and sister-in-law head back to El Salvador.

I’m yapping about our trip today because it was such a positive experience from the disordered eating perspective. I never really ever “let myself go,” even on vacations, but I tried to loosen the hell up just a smidge this time, and I’m proud of it. Continue reading “Learning to Let Go & Live a Little”