Escapism Via Film

the-proposal-posterI was reading a New York Times movie review of my new favorite flick, The Proposal, and something caught my eye worth sharing here.

The review itself was (not surprisingly, as critics and the general public usually don’t see eye to eye on cinematic greatness) pretty unfavorable — calling the romantic comedy formulaic and predictable, but “safe.”

Well, I saw it last Saturday, and I happened to love it.

Not only because I adore Sandra Bullock and have a little (ok, ginormous!) crush on Ryan Reynolds, but because I left the theater feeling happy. Uplifted.

In their comments, several viewers noted that they felt a movie like this — regardless of how predictable and safe as it was — served its purpose of simply entertaining us during tough times.

I couldn’t agree more. In spite of an economic recession, wars all over, getting hit that morning … none of that felt like it mattered when, for two hours, I was entertained in a movie theater by some gorgeous eye candy (both Ryan and Sandra are easy on the eyes) and borderline-over-the-top humor.

Is “escapism” the new recession remedy? I know I have found myself reading more books, doing more low-key things. Continue reading “Escapism Via Film”