*Big* Changes at Tales!

Welcome to my new blog, Let There Be Light. 🙂

My domain was set to expire in June and I wanted to change the name ASAP.  I hope you like the new look! I bought the domain  (http://let-there-be-light.net) and got to work! So if you want to change your RSS feeds please go ahead — though the old site will redirect. (Thank you again to Staci for my maternity shots and newborn shots–which are now on my blog!)

I’m really excited about this change. I chose this title because I feel like there is so much light in my life right now … and also because, at times, I might need some inspiration. Hence the “let there be” part of things.

So you’re probably wondering … what is she going to blog about now? Is she going to delete all the disordered eating/recovery/body image stuff? Continue reading “*Big* Changes at Tales!”