An Alien Came and Ransacked My Brain

Not my fortune but I love it!

I have absolutely NO desire to exercise right now.

Who am I?!

I feel exhausted, tired, sleep-deprived, drained.

I’m not sure if it’s the grueling puppy-schedule-situation or what but I also feel no guilt associated with not (formally) exercising since last Thursday.

And for me to take three (potentially four, if I don’t make it tonight) days off without any guilt is seriously unheard of!

Due to a myriad of fun plans (yea!)  I couldn’t hit the gym — physically couldn’t get there during operating hours — and then the one time I could go (and even planned to go — Sunday) I opted to stay home with my husband and Rocco before heading to a friend’s baby shower. Yea, you heard me. I CHOSE to stay home. CHOSE to not exercise.

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