Oh, Sweet Nap

Happy Easter to all who celebrate! And hope all “my peeps” are having a good Passover! As a multi-ethnic, interfaith family, we celebrate it all! Religious aspects of either holiday aside, the real meaning of these holidays (to me) is about being with family and friends. If we teach Maya nothing else, I hope she knows how loved she is, and how steeped in familiar love our different but equally important traditions are. Now to today’s post …

As a new mom, older, wiser women will tell you, (among a myriad of other things) “Nap when the baby naps!”

Well, Maya is 2 1/4 now and in those 2 1/4 years, I have successfully napped … zero times. Not even kidding. It’s not that I haven’t tried ... it’s just that 1) there are a million things I always felt I needed to tend to during that quiet time and 2) I’ve never been able to turn it off. [“It” being the brain that thinks 24/7 about what it could be doing/should be doing/wants to be doing/feels guilty about not doing.]

I was never a napper before Maya came along anyway (naps seemed like a giant waste of time to me back then — haha!), but ever since becoming a mom, I have literally longed for and dreamed about the day when I could just turn “it” off and lay the heck down and sleep! It just seemed too big a fantasy to actually come to fruition.

Until today, you see. Continue reading “Oh, Sweet Nap”