100 Day Challenge

My friend (and trainer/Zumba instructor!) created a private Facebook group called the 100 Day Challenge: 100 Days to a Healthier Me. We’re encouraged to post recipes, workouts of the day, photos of us in workout gear, motivational phrases, etc. It’s a great idea and I’m 100% behind it. It’s essentially a three-month-commitment to health and wellness.

And the timing is perfect. As you know, I’ve recently recommitted myself to moving a little more and eating a little better. Nothing earth-shattering or monumental: no over-exercising, no restricting … just awareness and and accountability. Continue reading “100 Day Challenge”

Olympics Observation

Like many people around the world, we’ve been watching lots and lots of Olympics coverage. While I admire each and every one of the athletes (and of course am rooting for Team U.S.A.), I’m personally most interested in gymnastics — probably because I took gymnastics and dance lessons growing up and happen to find it the most interesting of all the Olympic sports.

One thing I noticed was that while sitting here in front of the TV watching the coverage, I’ve been doing quickie ab workouts and lifting weights (both of which I’ve slacked off with since becoming pregnant with Maya — back in 2010. Oops).

And, I’ve not been noshing.

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The Brain Drain

Let it be known up front that I love, love, love my job.

I work with amazing, creative people I adore and by whom I am often inspired. And I work autonomously, which means I more or less create my own work-flow– a definite plus at a very busy digital advertising agency.

I’ve been at my job for more than four years and in that time, I can honestly say there have been very few days where I’ve not wanted to get out of bed and go to work in the morning. I know I have it very good, and I’m the first to admit that.

That said, I’m struggling to find motivation these days.

Like, really struggling. Continue reading “The Brain Drain”

An Alien Came and Ransacked My Brain

Not my fortune but I love it!

I have absolutely NO desire to exercise right now.

Who am I?!

I feel exhausted, tired, sleep-deprived, drained.

I’m not sure if it’s the grueling puppy-schedule-situation or what but I also feel no guilt associated with not (formally) exercising since last Thursday.

And for me to take three (potentially four, if I don’t make it tonight) days off without any guilt is seriously unheard of!

Due to a myriad of fun plans (yea!)  I couldn’t hit the gym — physically couldn’t get there during operating hours — and then the one time I could go (and even planned to go — Sunday) I opted to stay home with my husband and Rocco before heading to a friend’s baby shower. Yea, you heard me. I CHOSE to stay home. CHOSE to not exercise.

Who is this alien life form inside my brain!??! Continue reading “An Alien Came and Ransacked My Brain”