Katie Couric Admits She Was Bulimic

Katie Couric — mom to two girls — recently confessed she had been bulimic during and after college.

While it certainly isn’t ground-breaking news that a strong, smart, beautiful and powerful woman could have battled an eating disorder in her past life, upon reading this, I couldn’t help but wonder: did she ever talk to her daughters about her past issues, or did she keep it a secret from them, too? And either way, how did she encourage them to have a healthy relationship with food? Was it hard to lead by example given her history?

Granted, I’m not BFF with Katie Couric and I’ll never have the opportunity to ask her such questions, but it does bring up a question I’ve been asked quite a bit, especially in light of some of the press I’ve done in my role as an advocate: do I plan tell Maya about my disordered eating history? Continue reading “Katie Couric Admits She Was Bulimic”

The Breast Milk Baby??

There’s a new doll on the market, and she doesn’t pee or cry or sneeze or spit-up like other dolls that have made their way on the market. Nope, this baby suckles. Like a real baby!

And little kids  around the world can buy this doll, the Breast Milk Baby, and experience what their own mothers experienced when they were babies.

The baby comes with a little smock (reminiscent of a nursing cover except in this case the baby latches to the outside) and the baby sucks away.

While this doll is shocking in America where breastfeeding is still taboo (stupidly so, if you ask me), it’s being embraced in other parts of the world for its real replication of a very natural human act … an act for women of child-bearing age, that is.

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Book Review: You’d Be So Pretty If … 

bookcoverI don’t have a daughter — let alone a pre-teen daughter– yet. But if I did, you can bet I’d be reading Dara Chadwick’s You’d Be So Pretty If .

In fact, I’ll make sure to keep my copy on hand for when the time comes, because I believe it will come in handy.

In a quick synopsis, it’s a book that explores body image and the critical relationship between mothers and daughters — particularly during the tricky pre-teen years — and how our behaviors and how we carry ourselves as women is passed on to our daughters.

A fast-moving book, it reads as part memoir and part how-to-guide.

Chadwick explores the challenges she faced undergoing her transformation as SHAPE magazine’s Weight Loss Diarist in 2007. Continue reading “Book Review: You’d Be So Pretty If …