Keeping Myself Accountable

I knew that if I tweeted about planning my morning workout last night, that I’d have no choice but to DO IT. I don’t know why it made me feel so accountable, but it did.

Though I see the value in them, I don’t plan to become one of those people who has a fitness tracker app that posts to Facebook or Twitter — and I won’t be detailing my workouts for the world to see. But today I was really proud of myself for doing it … and keeping myself accountable in the process. Continue reading “Keeping Myself Accountable”

Making the Case for AM Workouts

A conversation with a dear friend on a walk last night reminded me of why I desperately miss my morning workouts … and why I need to find a way back to them.

You see, prior to getting Rocco, I never had a problem with morning workouts.

A lark by nature, I loved the idea of getting my workout out of the way so I could enjoy the rest of my day. It set the tone for my day and it energized me. It made me feel happy and whole, and any walks in the afternoon were just a bonus in terms of physical activity and a positive jolt to my mental well-being. When I worked out in the morning, I ate better and slept better.

But then things changed.

Once Rocco joined our family, he was like a baby — waking a few times at night in the beginning and he’d cry if he heard anyone up. So I stopped working out in the AM because I knew I’d be walking him later in the day and didn’t want to risk waking him up. Plus, I was tired all of a sudden. Bone tired, like never before.

Little did I know … Continue reading “Making the Case for AM Workouts”

Changing Exercise Habits: From A.M. to P.M.
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When I began Weight Watchers, I was 24, and euphoric with my new pre-work morning workouts.

It was ideal for my lifestyle back then: I got it out of the way, had my nights free, only needed one shower a day, and had energy to boot. All before the sun came up!

Plus, though I wasn’t single, my then-boyfriend-now-husband lived in another country — so there wasn’t a warm body hugging me close when the alarm rang at 5:15. I sprang out of bed like a machine (and did it for several years).

And while I had a lot of friends, they’re like me — they aren’t partiers; we’d do coffee or dinner, go shopping, go for walk: all things that could take place after work but not too late. This meant I’d be home by a reasonable hour and therefore could easily wake at that ungodly pre-dawn hour.

Day after day. Year after year. Continue reading “Changing Exercise Habits: From A.M. to P.M.”