Lots of Lattes

downtown7(Internet was down last night at home, sorry for the late post!)

So I was thinking about something Holly mentioned in the comments yesterday — about focusing on temperatures and textures of foods and how it’s helped her with intuitive eating.

Between this past weekend with my BFF visiting, and today with co-workers, I’ve had several lattes — a treat I hadn’t drank in months ($$$) and now realize how much I’ve missed.

Because it’s been cold and rainy, the hot, steamy lattes (skim, SF vanilla/SF rasp for anyone who cares!) have been my saving grace.

They’ve also been from local coffee joints (so I feel good about helping to sustain the local craptastic Michigan economy!), and they have boosted my mood so much that I couldn’t help but notice the difference.

Warm foods and drinks just make us feel good. Continue reading “Lots of Lattes”

Springtime Weather & Dress Shopping

blueskyI know it’s a tease, but this spring-like weather here in Michigan and this weekend in N.J. has been a gift from above.

Both my husband and I have fallen victim to a minor case of S.A.D. each year since moving to gray, snowy Michigan. It’s not abnormal; apparently, lots of people around here suffer from it.

And it makes sense we’d suffer with it — he is from the land of eternal sunshine (El Salvador) and though I’m from the east coast, we still have lots of sunshine in the winter …

But here in Michigan, it’s cloudy and dark and drab from October pretty much through April (give or take). So the past two days of sunshine have been surreal. Unseasonably warm temperatures, light spring-like winds …

And, in spite of it being that lovely time of the month (which turns me into a crying mess for no reason), it’s made me happier, brighter. We even went for a run last night, which felt incredible — seeing people out and about enjoying the warm spell.

While home in N.J., I had warm weather and sunshine on the brain doing some dress shopping with my mom for our upcoming trip to Mexico.

My request was simple: I was on the hunt for a “hot dress.” Continue reading “Springtime Weather & Dress Shopping”

Weather, Mood & Exercise

winter_depressionI don’t know about you, but now that it’s getting darker so much earlier, I’m having trouble adjusting to the time change.

But here’s something exciting: with the usual annual stress brought on by the time change, I think I’ve finally bid “Perfect Girl” mentality.

I used to wake up at 5:15 to the alarm with no trouble. Now I can’t even do it. It’s like I turned 29 (in October) and ever since, haven’t been able to do it.

In fact, I don’t even bother trying; I’m enjoying evening workouts and with my husband in class twice a week or studying, I am finding time each weeknight to go — even when I have my own dinner plans or after-work commitments.

This is a new “me” in so many ways. I’m not beating myself up for my inability (or lack of desire) to wake. This is huge, monumental!

Of course, when it’s cold out, all I want to do is be inside with my husband, the warm fire, a good book and a mug of cocoa. In fact, as I write this, the snow is coming down and it’s icky out. But I know I will hit the gym tonight; it’s in my DNA. Exercise makes me tick. I need it. I crave it.

I worried that with this recent “loosening the reins” mentality that I’d find myself skimping out on exercise, but rather, I am finding ways to work it in rather than building my life around it. Continue reading “Weather, Mood & Exercise”