quality time, please 

I read this article today (What Mothers Want for Mother’s Day) and found myself nodding throughout … though I’m pretty sure it’s not just working moms who feel this way.

All moms probably want more time in the day to spend quality time with their kids — time that isn’t spent schlepping them from activity to activity or feeding/clothing/bathing them. And as a working-outside-the-home mom, this article definitely rings (sadly) true.

If I could stretch the hours of 6-8 PM … and make them last much longer … I’d be a happy camper. Continue reading “quality time, please 


Easing the inevitable guilt

The toughest part about transitioning from a family of three to a family of four — when I’m breastfeeding and pumping — has been figuring out how to clone myself to spend time with my little girl, who I miss enormously.

It’s not that I don’t see her every day — I do, and for that I feel blessed — but the time we spend together hasn’t been quality time. And I feel awfully guilty about it.

I wholly believe a mom’s heart gets divided into as many kids as she has … but it doesn’t mean sometimes she doesn’t feel bad when she can’t give one of her kids her all.  Especially when said kid really needs a little TLC. Continue reading “Easing the inevitable guilt”

Short Fused

Of all the “mommy guilt” spewed about in the media, I think the worst kind of mommy guilt is the kind we put on ourselves.

Maya is a great kid most of the time. But she IS two and it doesn’t take a genius to know that two-year-olds are challenging little people — fun, to be sure … but challenging.

I don’t know if it’s the fact that I was playing Mommy and Daddy all week (and she sensed my stress and was extra-disobedient as a result), the fact that I’m 17.5 weeks pregnant and am, therefore, moody/impatient/exhausted/bloated … or if it’s a combination of the above … but I had a short fuse all weekend with Maya — and felt positively awful about it. Continue reading “Short Fused”

Time, Time, Time

Today over lunch a couple mommy friends and I were answering questions from a pregnant friend about the whole elusive work/life balance. We told her it’s so cliched but so true … pretty much everything changes when you have kids … even for people who genuinely didn’t expect it to. Which means something has to give if you want to maintain happiness in spite of said changes. Continue reading “Time, Time, Time”

Mommy Guilt … A Vacation Saga

I had every intention of doing a sweet wrap-up of our vacation in El Salvador and sharing some of Maya’s latest and greatest adorableness (for my family reading; I doubt other readers care but this is my spot on the interwebs so what I write goes …) , but there’s no way I could do that without sharing first in this post the emergency that occurred on our trip. The rest of the detes will come later. Continue reading “Mommy Guilt … A Vacation Saga”