Awesome Post by Bethenny Frankel

I’ll let you read it here in full, but this post by Bethenny Frankel (my favorite Housewife) really spoke to me, and was spot-on to how I’ve been feeling lately.

As she notes, “Like eating, exercise can’t be your best friend or your enemy. You weren’t “good” because you worked out, and you weren’t “bad” if you didn’t. Somehow, find a healthy relationship with exercise so you are happy to have it in your life.”

Though I’ve never had trouble getting the motivation to work out (hell, I was a chronic over-exerciser for a long time), being pregnant has changed my own expectations of what my body can do/wants to do.

I’ve come to terms with the fact that sometimes  a nice, long walk with my hubby and pup some days is a good enough workout–and good for the mind, body and soul. Other days when I have more energy, I do more.

But Bethenny’s point is that any exercise should be done without the “good”/”bad” judgment but rather with an eye on the “happiness factor” — as in, does X make me happy? For example, I will never run on the treadmill. I’d rather do nothing, I hate it that much. But get me outside on a cool, crisp day (like today), and I’ll pound out 2-4 miles and feel great about it because I genuinely enjoy doing it. No music, no running buddy … just me, my thoughts and the fresh air.

I think along the way, I’m finding that healthy balance I strove for all those years. Thanks, Bethenny, for the reminder! 🙂


Libra Seeking Balance

My BFF (since we were 11!) and I at the wedding this weekend 🙂

I I had to give myself a headline, I’m pretty sure it would read something like this: “Libra Seeking Balance.”

Of all the things I strive for, balance has been the trickiest.

I do really well at over-achieving, and I admittedly suck at failure … I don’t know how to “half-ass” something. I tend to over-analyze things to death, so I’m very reflective …  but balance has remained elusive, a Holy Grail for me, if you will.

I’ve had moments of clarity over the past year and a half, but try as I might, in spite of being a Libra (for which balance should be more natural), I struggle relentlessly with finding it and, more importantly, maintaining it.

As a naturally anxious person, this makes perfect sense. But I’m learning to work through my anxiety, and being away is always a good opportunity to put the pedal to the metal.

And so, this weekend, I let go. I lived the life of a recovered disordered eater. (You heard me; go ahead and nix the “ing” suffix, ok?!) Continue reading “Libra Seeking Balance”

On the Hunt for Moderation, “Information is a Gift”

I told Dr. G. last night about my big “coming out” yesterday.

And while she supports the notion of living authentically and listened intently, she also said something else that surprised me: “Remember, too, that information is a gift.”

She went on to say, “you choose when and how to give it.”

I’ll be honest; it took me a while to get what she was saying.

I’m of the Internet generation, where we’re encouraged to be transparent … even though we all know there’s certain risk involved in that. And being so open fits nicely with my personality. Given my “hardware”, I am the kind of person who wears her heart on her sleeve.

I tend to feel guilty when I am not being wholly transparent, which is why it was such a big deal for me to come clean about my identity on my various social media sites. And I’ve been known to over-share, to my own detriment.

In my mind, not sharing was being dishonest. Continue reading “On the Hunt for Moderation, “Information is a Gift””