An End to Hollywood’s Double Standard?

In this blog post, Gawker contends actor Gerard Butler’s belly will be the end to Hollywood’s beauty double standard.

I’m not so sure, but I hope we’re making some headway here toward ending the double standard.

Per Gawker,“Paparazzi pictures of 300 stud Gerard Butler looking all fat in Barbados have everyone in a tizzy. Finally it seems male celebrities will be held to the same impossible body standards as their female counterparts. Thank God.”

To be honest, I don’t like that they called Butler “all fat” … but it’s pretty obvious that he’s no longer sporting those 6-pack abs of his 300 days … And frankly, I disagree a little with Gawker’s post in that I’m not so sure he needs to be all chiseled all the time.

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Newsflash! Men (Even Hot, Famous Ones) Can Have Body Image Issues Too

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Overheard at the Gym …

I seriously think men must just have thicker skin than women, because I have to say, I’m pretty sure I would have had to hold back tears had I been at the receiving end of the following exchange I heard this weekend at the gym.

Guy 1: “Getting a little chubby, eh?” with a twisted smile on his face (and yes, Guy 1 was a typical gym “meat-head”)

Guy 2: “Um…ha, ha, ha” (interject awkward laughter).

Guy 1: (attempting to redeem himself) “Let’s go do legs and back.”

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