frozen popcorn

Not too long ago a gourmet popcorn shop opened up in downtown Kalamazoo.

As someone who enjoys supporting local businesses, I had to pop in on my way to a work-related lunch last week. They have some outrageous flavors but with my 3-year old in mind, I picked up some fruit-flavored rainbow popcorn. She loves fruit, she loves sweets, and she loves popcorn. How could I go wrong?

I was so excited to show her the special treat, but my excitement was dashed the moment she tasted it:

“Mommy, I don’t like this popcorn,” she said with a grimace, shoving me back her handful. Continue reading “frozen popcorn”


Little Conversationalist

For a while now, we’ve been having full-on conversations with Maya. Typically they are observation-related … what did you eat today, who did you play with, what book are we going to read … stuff that requires more than a yes or no response but doesn’t necessarily warrant a full-on dialogue … yet often lately, it turns into that. Dinner-time is getting a lot more fun, that’s for sure! Continue reading “Little Conversationalist”

I Blog So She Remembers

Did you know the average child doesn’t begin developing memories until age two?

This means that for the first two years of a child’s life, they really have no recollection of the early moments: being born, sleeping on their mama/papa’s chests, nursing.

They have no recollection of their early milestones: tracking, giggling, first words, waving hi or bye, rolling over, crawling.

They have no recollection of their early fine motor skills: bringing a bottle or fork to their mouth, putting a block into a bucket, coloring. They just do them. Repetition is their form of learning. Continue reading “I Blog So She Remembers”