I blog for so many reasons and right now, I want to thank you — my readers — for your loyalty and unwavering support during this PR nightmare I’m entrenched in. I’d also like to thank the new readers who sought out my blog and see the truth behind that completely false and horribly spun Daily Mail story.

As it turns out, the managing editor contacted me back this morning and told me they’d pulled the story and were “investigating.” Um, perhaps you should have done that BEFORE you plastered my name and face and my daughter’s name and face on your site without any conversations with me??!! Without my permission?!!

To say I feel violated is an understatement. Continue reading “THANK YOU”


Picked up on!

Wow!! Check it out … thanks to EggBeatenAngel for passing this along; I had no idea we’d been picked up for our blog posts about Michael Jackson.

Here’s the article, and while I don’t like the title because it’s misleading (I’m not and never have been anorexic), it is cool to get covered by

Click here to view it: Anorexics: Jackson is one of us.

Great Article

I was reading Kath Eats Real Food on my lunch break today and came across this great USA Today piece she shared, called “Study confirms: Don’t reward yourself for calories burned.”

Bottom line is that all too often people think they’re working harder than we are and end up over-eating after exercise, eating back what they burned, and often then some.

(I’m not sure how that plays into it when you wear a HRM; they seem accurate to me compared to machines though I’ve been told that isn’t always the case). Continue reading “Great Article”