Step One

When you fail to plan, plan to fail.

It’s time for me to go back to WW 101. I’ve been on WW Online since April 13, 2004, but lord knows I could use a refresher.

What I did then that worked so well was to simply plan my meals. This doesn’t mean I was  obsessive and wed to the plans (things happen, surprise lunches, etc), but they did help me form my day. Continue reading “Step One”

Organization is Key

One of the positive sides to being a Type A person is that I genuinely thrive off organization. I function best when my daily life is in order.

I love being organized, love checking things off my to-do list at work or home. My husband is a list-maker, too. Between the two of us, we probably have a dozen Post-Its floating around our house right now.

When the house is freshly-clean, laundry is done and folded, clothes are ironed and put away … I feel accomplished. I think most people would agree; a clean house makes you feel ready to accomplish anything.

Weekends where we travel or aren’t home, I start the work-week with a jolt; I hate that feeling of scrambling to get things in order.

Food-wise, it’s always been particularly helpful to me to have meals prepared, from both a money and weight management perspective. I’ve just been sucking at it lately.

With my husband in business school, most weeknights I’m on my own for dinner. He needs food he can take with him, and I need stuff I can just heat up when I get home from the gym or whatnot. Continue reading “Organization is Key”