A little getaway

I love to travel, and love traveling with my family.

That being said, there is something really nice and refreshing about traveling solo for work. I’m sure I might feel differently if my job kept me on the road and away from my family often, but the fact that it doesn’t means that the occasional business trip for meetings or a conference becomes a genuine treat. An exception to the rule. Continue reading “A little getaway”


Lunchin’, Shoppin’ Lady

I’ll always be a daughter, wife, and mom. But tomorrow, for a couple hours, I’m just going to be Melissa. I’m taking the whole day off work to spend shopping and lunching with one of my besties at a lux mall in Troy, Mich., and I CANNOT WAIT.

I won’t be carrying a diaper bag. I won’t need to think about nap-times or sippy cups or what to put in a Snack-Trap. (Maya will be at daycare).

I won’t need to worry about my hubby waiting outside a dressing room while I try on my fourteenth pair of jeans. (Luis will be at work).

I won’t need to worry about daycare pick-ups, taking Rocco for a walk, dinner prep or bath-time. (Luis will be doing all that). Continue reading “Lunchin’, Shoppin’ Lady”

Relishing “Me” Time

Fave photo I took in San Telmo, Bs. As.
Fave photo I took in San Telmo, Bs. As.
In college, I used to dread the thought of doing anything alone: shopping, eating, walking on the quad.

It wasn’t so much a confidence thing as that I just wasn’t comfortable in my own skin. And by being surrounded by other people all the time, I couldn’t spend too many of my thoughts on introspection.

Like most freshman on my floor, my dorm door was always open so friends could pop in. I always made sure I had a friend or group of friends to go to T.D.R. (our dining hall at American University) with. And I’d never take the bus to Georgetown alone.

I didn’t have a boyfriend and so naturally, I did everything with my friends and was fortunate that I never had to worry about being “that girl” who spent all her time with a guy. I threw myself into my sorority (Chi Omega, for any sisters out there!) and built my world around my girlfriends.

I just never realized how dependent I was on them for my happiness.

Then I spent a semester abroad in Buenos Aires during my junior year of college Continue reading “Relishing “Me” Time”