Maternity Pics, Round 2

I hemmed and hawed at the notion of doing maternity pics again. Is it unkosher? Vain? Silly? And who wants to be photographed when they are at their heaviest point?

But in the end, decided I did want to have this period of my life — our life — documented.  If for no one else, for us. And for Baby H. Continue reading “Maternity Pics, Round 2”

Tummy Love

So I wanted to share this photo with you all!

My amazing artistic friend Staci did a maternity photo shoot with me yesterday. It was freezing cold out, but I barely felt it, as I was so excited to be doing something fun and different! We took a ton of pics (some of me solo, some with my husband who is not quite as into photographs as me ;)) but this pic was her photo of the day (she’s doing an awesome Project 365 photo journalism project for her 30th year on earth–love the concept!). Continue reading “Tummy Love”