The Maternity Leave “Vacation”

Allow me to break some news: maternity leave is by no means a vacation.

Of course, anyone who has been on maternity leave knows this … but as a newbie with Maya, I didn’t know.

The notion of (up to) twelve weeks off work sounds really appealing when you’re massively pregnant and sick of life as you know it. It sounds like a vacation: everyone knows babies sleep a ton, so clearly there will be all this “free time,” you think. Time to focus on all the things you can’t get done during the normal work-week or weekends. Continue reading “The Maternity Leave “Vacation””


Setting the bar WAY too high

I’ve been struggling to form a firm opinion on the recent news that the newly-appointed Yahoo! CEO Marissa Mayer — who is set to give birth to a son in October — will work during her maternity leave.

This TODAY Moms article spoke to many of the feelings I had upon hearing her decision — mostly sadness that she’d miss out on so much of that early bonding time with her little one — but, as a WOHM (working outside the home mom) I also see the other side, too. And to be honest, it bothered me. Continue reading “Setting the bar WAY too high”

The Last Week of Mommy and Maya Before Reality Hits

Sorry for the blog hiatus!

With my hubby gone last week til Saturday there was literally no time to blog, and then a wonderful friend and her baby visited Sunday-Monday, and now this is my last week of maternity leave so I don’t plan on being on the computer much — but wanted to say hello to anyone who is still reading. I know I’ve not been much of a blogger these days but rest assured, I’ll be back more regularly soon! I just need this time for me, selfish as it sounds.

I really can’t believe these eleven weeks have flown by so quickly … our little girl is blossoming before our eyes and just such a treasure to watch.I’m going to miss her SOOOO much but I have to remember this will be harder on me than on her. I broke down Saturday night when my husband came home, crying hysterically to my husband. We talked through it and ultimately I know it’s the right decision to return to work … but it doesn’t mean it’s going to be easy. Continue reading “The Last Week of Mommy and Maya Before Reality Hits”

Pros and Cons of Winter Maternity Leave

While I didn’t time my pregnancy according to the seasons (or at all …!) I know many women do … and I have to say, my pregnancy (March-December) was a beautiful nine months. Given the opportunity to time things for a future baby, I’d plan it for the same exact time-frame.

Why? A couple reasons. First, I didn’t even really show til mid to late summer. I was never ridiculously hot and miserable … nor was I really swollen and bloated. During the fall, my favorite season, I could wear cute jeans and sweaters and still was able to wear (sensible!) tall boots. And then the kicker: I could be home and nest/bond with my baby during the most drab months of the year (Jan-March) when no one wants to go out or do much of anything.

To be honest, a small part of me worried I’d be depressed being home during the winter, or that I’d miss the hustle and bustle of work … but it has been a great experience so far. Continue reading “Pros and Cons of Winter Maternity Leave”