Daddy’s Girl

Daddy love
Daddy love

I’ve said it before, but there’s nothing like watching your husband become a father. Truly, nothing like it. It’s as though the love you feel for him/he feels for you was magnified a hundred times and showered onto someone else, now, too. Continue reading “Daddy’s Girl”

Hail to thee, Date Night!

Before Maya came along, every weekend night was “date night” … whether it was a movie, dinner, a drive to walk around a Lake Michigan beach town or a day-trip to Chicago, or even just a late-night jaunt to Target … any time we had together was “date night.” Of course, we completely took it for granted — the ability to just get up and go if/when we pleased.

While we try to go out at least once a month just us, it isn’t always easy. Sometimes our “date night” ends up being a work party or a friend’s birthday … but it’s still time away from home, without our little monkey. Continue reading “Hail to thee, Date Night!”

Being Us

Parenthood is amazing–don’t get me wrong.

But one of the hardest thing about becoming parents is that, naturally, your married life –and identity as a couple — changes.

Lots has been written about women becoming moms and men becoming dads, but aside from marriage counseling-type books (that assume there is a problem), there isn’t a ton out there explaining the how and why things change … and how we can work to ensure our marriage doesn’t take a backseat to parenthood. Continue reading “Being Us”

Finding Couple Time as New Parents

It’s really hard to find time these days for everything I want to find time for: family time, couple time, and me time. All are important. And one of them is suffering greatly: couple time.

It shouldn’t be … Maya goes to bed early enough. But it is.

Because we have fallen into the new parent trap of still trying to live like we did pre-baby, and, frankly, it’s not working.

As the film title goes, “Something’s gotta give.” Continue reading “Finding Couple Time as New Parents”