Pink’s New Video

I don’t have a new post for today but wanted to share MamaVision’s awesome post about Pink’s incredible and timely video “F***in Perfect” (sorry, that’s the title). (The link also includes Pink’s commentary about the video which I strongly recommend reading).

I watched the video for the first time this afternoon, with almost six-weeks-old Maya snuggled in my arms — and I just started to cry. I hope to do everything I can to show her that she’ll be loved no matter what and that she’s perfect in my eyes–but I know what kids these days are up against … and I do worry about the future.

Let me know what you think and Heather–fabulous post, thanks for sharing!


I’m the Real Deal!!

Check it out, ladies and gents! I’m officially a contributor now at 🙂

You can see my bio across the top nav, why I contribute, and my first post is one from a few weeks ago that caused a bit of a stir here on my blog which I shared at WATRD titled Coming to Terms With My “Half-Way” Body. Continue reading “I’m the Real Deal!!”

New Body Image Activist Blog Goes Live

watrd-buttonYou might recall a few months back that I was going to be part of a group of amazing bloggers who were planning to do a session at the 2009 BlogHer conference on body image titled, “Blogs & Body Image: What Are We Teaching Our Kids?”

The group was selected (yea!!) and even got sponsorship by Dove … but because I registered too late this spring, I can’t participate. 😦

That said, I still want to promote the hell out of this session (to be held this Friday in Chicago) because I know it’s going to be incredible, and I am so proud of these girls for getting out there and truly making a difference.

In this post, MamaVision talked a little about the panelists and the group’s mission.

Take a peek at our new body image activist blog, We Are the Real Deal. You can check out our mission here. 

Continue reading “New Body Image Activist Blog Goes Live”

BMI? “Whatever ….”

One of my fave bloggers, MamaVision shared a link on her blog that I loved re: BMI. Click here, to check out Kate Harding’s a slideshow, the BMI Project, that proves just how ridiculous BMI standards really are.

As MamaV puts it, “BMI is a bunch of B.S.” (And I happen to agree).

Kate is a leading blogger in the “fat acceptance” movement and she has a new book out called Lessons from the Fat-O-Sphere, Quit Dieting and Declare a Truce with Your Body.

It sounds really interesting. I admit I don’t know much about the movement, but I can easily see the point in not hating yourself just because of the size of your thighs or hips. Definitely want to see if I can get my hands on a copy …

I’ve Never “Forgotten” to Eat

toast-clock-1_6648My parents tease me that I was born hungry; that I always had food on the brain, even as a toddler.

Even now, friends tease I have an oral fixation; something has to be in or on my mouth at all times: lipgloss, gum, water, ice, Diet Coke, tea. It’s getting better, but the truth is, I still think about food a lot. Not always … but a lot.

And while I admittedly wasn’t always obsessed with food the way I have been since starting Weight Watchers nearly five years ago, I don’t think I’ve ever, in 29 years, “forgotten” to eat.

I’ve met people, read about people, heard about people … people who admit that food is the furthest thing on their minds — and these aren’t people necessarily with eating disorders; they are people who eat to live; not live to eat. These are people who are so caught up in what they’re doing that they “forget to eat.”

Well, I’m not one of those people.

I have fasted most years since my Bat-Mitzvah on Yom Kippur, and I can deliberately skip a meal if I know I’m having a big lunch or dinner. But I honestly can’t think of a time when I’ve genuinely “forgotten” to eat. Continue reading “I’ve Never “Forgotten” to Eat”