Grieiving in the Digital World

Grief is a very complex and personal thing. And while there is no right or wrong way to grieve, I have noticed a trend in grieving, a trend I am dubbing Facebook mourning. (If there is a real name for this, please do let me know!)

I remember being weirded out beyond belief the first time I saw Facebook mourning in action: friends posting condolences on a deceased person’s Facebook wall. I didn’t know the person, but from his public wall, I could see he had been a victim of a car accident. At the time, it seemed bizarre to me that people would write on his wall. What if someone didn’t know what happened yet?! What if his family didn’t want anyone to know yet? How horrible to have this be all over his wall, to have tagged him when he isn’t here anymore?!

Incredulity: that was my initial reaction. Continue reading “Grieiving in the Digital World”


walking for michelle

Michelle, sweet Michelle
Michelle, sweet Michelle.

On June 14, I will be walking with my family in the Crohn’s and Colitis Foundation of America’s Take Steps walk in Grand Rapids, Michigan, in memory of my much-loved and much-missed cousin Michelle, who passed away in January from Crohn’s complications.  

For anyone unfamiliar with Crohn’s, it’s a chronic inflammatory condition of the GI tract. In my cousin’s case, Crohn’s was just one of the many illnesses she was dealing with … and, after battling for 22 of her 31 years on Earth, her body just couldn’t handle anymore; on January 25, she passed away. Continue reading “walking for michelle”