Just Because You CAN Doesn’t Always Mean You SHOULD …

Yesterday at my non-stress test (a complete oxymoron, BTW … ) they saw more contractions — erratic contractions I don’t feel but we see on the monitors.

What I do feel is a tightening (called Braxton-Hicks contractions) in my uterus when I exercise, walk, get up the wrong way, etc … and while those are very normal for the third trimester, the nurse warned me to essentially stop doing the things that make me tighten up.

While a baby could survive outside the womb at 33.5 weeks … I don’t want to incite that by any means, and so if it means cutting back even more on my activity levels, so be it. I do NOT want to end up on bed rest … and it’s a very real concern. Continue reading “Just Because You CAN Doesn’t Always Mean You SHOULD …”

The Law of Dimishing Returns

Sometimes our bodies are smarter than we give them credit for. I actually attempted the gym tonight … and made it 5 minutes before feeling exhausted. I hope I’m not getting sick because this is very unlike me. Rocco and I took two walks, but they weren’t really “walks” since basically it’s a bunch of stop-and-go and he can’t go more than a half mile in either direction yet. Someday …

I was thinking today of the law of diminishing returns and how I related it to blogging about a year ago and how I am relating it to my feelings about exercise right now.

If you’re not familiar with the economic theory, the law of diminishing returns basically says there is a tipping point, where basically there are “too many cooks in the kitchen” (i.e., too much noise) and production (progress, value, etc.) halts. The key in business, blogging, exercise, anything really — is to find that delicate, balanced point where things are in harmony.

Having said that, I think right now I’m in jeopardy of tipping that balance in an unfavorable way, even if I’m technically the only cook in my kitchen. So I’m going to take the next few days for some self-exploration. I think I need it, and don’t want to bore you — my readers — with stories about Rocco! Please bear with me … thanks!