My Interview at Beautiful Without Consequence

Egg Beaten Angel, who blogs at Beautiful Without Consequence, recently contacted me about doing an interview on her recovery blog.

She is four months into her own recovery, and an inspiration to others fighting DE/ED/ED-NOS. I was flattered and honored to answer her questions; her blog’s motto is “I’m Still Fighting!” and I admire her strength.

You can read my interview and her and post-interview commentary here.

Thanks for the opportunity, Angel!!

After the jump is a transcript of my interview (for my own records) Continue reading “My Interview at Beautiful Without Consequence”


Programmed for Weight Gain!?

Today, Kath posted this awesome article on her blog (which she wrote for that I wanted to share with you, called “Are We Programmed for Weight Gain?”

Check it out and let me know what you think.

I have to say, I agree with her 100%.

I think we, as humans, ARE predisposed to gain, and it’s up to us to every day make decisions. Some days it’s easier than others. And sometimes we reach a point where we’re comfortable with a little gain, or that we aren’t. And we take action … or don’t.

The important thing to remember is, we’re fighting nature every step of the way — and so personal responsibility becomes tantamount. I know this from experience, in dealing with my own gain and struggle to lose all over again.

Definitely a good read. Thanks for sharing, Kath!