Being Juror #11

In spite of being in my early 30s, I had never been summoned for jury duty until this past summer. Clearly, there’s a first time for everything!

I also believe everything happens for a reason.

I wasn’t able to serve on the date for which my original summons was (August 16) because I was going to be in Chicago that week for work. So I was rescheduled for jury duty on October 11, which, at the time, seemed like an eternity away.

October 11 was a tough day for me. I’d just come back from N.J. the day before — a whirlwind week of a conference, va-k with my family, the death of my nana, a wedding and a bridal shower for my cousin. I was exhausted and did not want to spend the day sitting around waiting for my name to not be called — as everyone said would likely be the case. I brought a book and settled in, not even bothering to make small talk with anyone, figuring that with this group of about 60 or 70 potential jurors, my odds were low to get called. Continue reading “Being Juror #11”