Journaling for Success

This weekend I had lunch with a dear friend I met online through Weight Watchers several years ago. Since then, our friendship has extended well beyond the realms of dieting and weight loss, and I’ve come to consider her a really awesome friend.

We got to talking about journaling and, knowing that — weight loss, maintenance, or gain, I’ve been a diligent journaler — she asked if I still kept a food journal/tracked my Points. Continue reading “Journaling for Success”


My Therapy

Though I was an early talker (are you surprised?!) and still love to talk, writing has always been the most therapeutic form of self-help for me.

I began journaling in fifth grade, chronicling nearly every day of my life — and I haven’t stopped since.

Traveling with me from my childhood bedroom in Vernon, NJ …  to my dorm room at American University in our nation’s capital … to my first apartment (and subsequent apartments!) … to my first home have been the two dozen or so spiral-bound notebooks filled to the brim with words and experiences, etched forever in varying handwriting styles and a wide array of ink colors.

I’ve been both lovingly teased for my “chronicles” and admired for my commitment to journaling … but I don’t do it for laughs or praises; I do it because it’s what works for me — and because I love the idea of a living, breathing biography … Continue reading “My Therapy”

Balancing the Checkbook

A friend and I were discussing whether or not we’ll need to count Points (or calories, etc.) forever. It led to this short little analogy I wanted to share today.

I said to her, I don’t know if you’ll necessarily need to count forever … but to me it’s like a bank account. I hate balancing it, but it’s part of my life. Some people have lots of money in the bank and don’t need to worry about it … others need to  live paycheck to paycheck. In the proverbial sense, I need to live “paycheck to paycheck.

I very much think of food like money; if I don’t have an idea of what’s in my checking account, I’ll no doubt go on a “shopping spree.” Continue reading “Balancing the Checkbook”

Day One, Success

Help me out here …

What defines “success” when, in a nutshell, you’re someone who started out dieting, developed humiliating disordered eating behaviors as a result of OCD/Type-A/perfectionist tendencies, conquered most of said behaviors but got lax, gained a little weight and still struggles with emotional eating?

I’ve been thinking about this a lot lately, especially since my über-cathartic posts this week. Continue reading “Day One, Success”

Calm Friday

new_logoIn spite of feeling like a raging PMSing beyotch as I usually do right before my period arrives, I’ve actually felt a resolute calm for the past three days (today being day four).

The reasoning — what I’m about to say — will probably disappoint some of you who really were rooting for me to love intuitive eating, but I’m not one to lie, so … here’s my confession.

Intuitive eating just doesn’t come naturally to me without journaling; I’m just not there yet, and don’t know if I’ll ever be.

So instead of feeling frustrated at myself for giving in to emotional eating, I decided to work on my behaviors and, more importantly, my thinking. And in doing so, my anxiety levels are at a bare minimum. Hurrah! Continue reading “Calm Friday”

Jivin’ for Journaling

IMG00008I’ve mentioned before that I have a personal journal and a food journal.

Well, this past weekend I found the cutest matching journals — one big (for thoughts), one small (for food/exercise) — in Walmart’s clearance section, of all places!

There’s nothing more exciting to me than a new journal. Truth be told, not even my new Coach bag was as exciting a purchase. I love, love, love to write.

I’ve been writing since sixth grade almost every day, starting at age 11 with silly fights with my sister or crushes on a certain boy who shall remain nameless … to details of friendships and budding romances, high school antics with the gang, unforgettable college memories, heartbreaks, studying abroad, my sorority life, body image issues, new purchases, the heartache of a long distance relationship, 9/11, travel, buying my first car, engagement, marriage, moving, new jobs, new friends … you name it, it’s in there. Pretty much my whole life is documented for our future children to see. Continue reading “Jivin’ for Journaling”

A Challenging Weekend

Today’s a confessional post. No, it’s not about midnight eating — I’ve been in the clear for a while.

I am struggling with my journaling on Sparkpeople. Not the act of journaling — I’m a pro at that. But rather about a pickle I’ve gotten myself into. See, my caloric range is 1270-1570. Not terrible, provided I stick to it; it’s a perfectly acceptable range and most days, totally do-able.

I’ve discovered on WW I was eating too much to lose. I lose when I’m in the 1400-1500 range with my usual exercise (which would be basically WW target points plus a couple Flex) but the past two weeks, after a kick-ass first week back on Sparkpeople, I’ve simply not been able to get it together.

What I mean is, I had one high day two weeks ago, and I’ve been “buying calories” for the next day ever since … Technically this isn’t cheating, as I am not going above my limit for the week, but it’s cheating because I am not in my range that one day.

And I gained last week — the same 1.4 I’d lost the previous week. Sure, it could have been a fluke (I hadn’t weighed in all week and didn’t this weekend, either) but I am sure eating at the high end of my range isn’t helping me any. Continue reading “A Challenging Weekend”