The Biggest Loser

For the past several years, I’ve refused to jump on The Biggest Loser bandwagon. Having been a devoted WWer for five years, I know the only way to lose weight and keep it off is through eating well and exercising.

the-biggest-loserAnd as a recovering disordered eater, The Biggest Loser, to me, represented an extreme: severe restriction and severe over-exercising.

And so although you know I love Jillian and her Shred DVDs, I just couldn’t wrap my arms around a show that demonstrates such unrealistic conditions.

(I mean, let’s be real: who has 8 hours a day to exercise with a trainer, and a set menu for each day?).

But then I watched the season 8 premier Tuesday night and couldn’t help but feel my heartstrings tugging and my feelings towards the show soften. Continue reading “The Biggest Loser”