Maximize Your Life: Jillian Michaels

photo 2(Note: pardon the stream of consciousness tonight .. mind is reeling!)

Tonight I had the opportunity to see the firecracker that is Jillian Michaels LIVE here in good old Kalamazoo, one stop on her Maximize Your Life tour.

To be honest I had no clue what to expect. Most people know Jillian as the motivating trainer that barks at her team members on The Biggest Loser, or warns us not to “phone it in” during her fitness DVDs.

But behind the drill sergeant facade is an absolutely adorable, lovable, funny as hell — and, yes, fit and beautiful — woman.

Someone I’d totally want to be friends with … provided she wouldn’t kick my ass to Texas! Continue reading “Maximize Your Life: Jillian Michaels”


REALLY, Jillian?

Let it be known up front that I love Jillian Michaels.

I think she is an amazing inspiration — given her own past history with weight issues and her ability to kick the crap out of anyone on The Biggest Loser — all the while empowering the show’s contestants to recognize that the potential for change is within them if they’re willing to tap into it.

I’ve learned a lot from her, read lots of things she’s written, and am a loyal30-Day Shred fan.

And whether you love or loathe her persona, Jillian is no doubt excellent at what she does.

Shas cultivated an entire brand identity and become synonymous with health/wellness, serving as the Oprah (if you will) of the health/wellness sphere.

(I often wonder if she’s gotten too big/has been straying from her brand, what with the marketing of her weight loss supplements, which just seems counter-intuitive to what Jillian often preaches … JMO).

Anyway, when I read her cover story in Women’s Health at the gym this morning, I couldn’t help but feel a little uncomfortable at what I heard her say towards the end of the piece. Continue reading “REALLY, Jillian?”

Shrouding: Disordered or Not?

Heather’s recent post, “Helpful Hint or Disordered Eating” at Hangry Pants really got me thinking …

As Heather notes in her post, “For some time we’ve debated food destruction – ruining your food with something like salt or hot sauce so that it is inedible. Jillian Michaels pours candle wax on her food (thanks for the link Julie) when she is full, and instructs Biggest Loser players to destroy desserts with salt.”

While I think Jillian’s solution is on the extreme side, it saddens me to admit it’s not something I couldn’t have imagined myself doing back in the day of peak disorderedness.

Sad but true.

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Incentivizing Health in the Workplace

This is a cross-post I did today for WeAretheRealDeal. You can read it here after the jump. Continue reading “Incentivizing Health in the Workplace”

Master Your Metabolism

51C3IEtdF6L._SL500_AA240_I think it goes without saying that I love to read about nutrition, fitness, and overall health.

It’s a hobby, a passion, an interest — for better or for worse.

I kind of have a girl-crush on Jillian Michaels, as do many other bloggers out there, apparently! I love her Shred videos, and am going to start listening to her pod-casts.

I first heard about her new book, Master Your Metabolism, on LovINMyTummy yesterday.

Now I want to read it, myself! Continue reading “Master Your Metabolism”

Review: Jillian Michaels’ 30 Day Shred, Level 3

Though I don’t discuss my workout regimen a ton here, offline I’ve been Shredding for over three weeks (in addition to my cardio, plus P90X) and decided to give Level 3 a shot Monday night.

However, I made the mistake of trying it AFTER doing P90X Plyometrics … oops.

Why “oops?” you ask? Well, unbeknownst to me, Level 3 incorporates a ton of plyometrics … the same moves I’d just done in P90X minutes before. So I was basically over-doing it since I was feeling good and literally went from one DVD to the next … which meant I didn’t push myself as hard as I could have.

Even so, I have to say, it was my least-favorite of the three levels. Continue reading “Review: Jillian Michaels’ 30 Day Shred, Level 3”

The Shred/P90X/Etc.

Random post, but has anyone tried Jillian Michael’s 30 Day Shred? What about P90X, which has taken the infomercial world by storm?

I just ordered the Shred, and it should arrive Monday. Very excited to try it; I hear it’s a killer and I’ve never done a fitness DVD. I’m such a total gym rat, but think it’d be awesome to have the ability to work out from home every now and then.

And, I’ve heard soooo much hype about P90X and was kind of curious about it — it’s a 90 day program, an hour a day, and it’s supposed to be killer. I like the idea of muscle confusion; it sounds logical. And for such a creature of habit, it’d be a good mix-up for me. Some male friends have done it and they post alllllllllllllll about it on Facebook.

So I figured I’d ask if anyone has had first-hand experience with either of these programs? I still have some fitness reimbursement funds I can use, and am considering getting P90X.

Finally, a small request: if anyone’s on Facebook and wants to be my friend 😉 I need people to confirm my blog. All you have to do is click here. Thanks!!

UPDATE: I ordered P90X — it will be here in 5-7 days! Hope I like it. 🙂