Happy f#@$!@ International Women’s Day

What a joke, seriously. International Women’s Day? HA… we women are being screwed left and right. It must be “Hate Women Week” or something, and it’s absolutely disgusting.

In the past week:

– Rush Limbaugh called a Georgetown University law student activist a “slut” — simply because she advocated that insurance companies should cover contraception. (He subsequently issued an “apology” … what a joke).

-News came out yesterday about a bill in the Wisconsin state Senate that, if passed, would declare women who are single mothers or living together but unmarried “child abusers.

– Today, word on the street is a Kansas abortion bill would levy a sales tax on women seeking the procedure — regardless of the reasoning behind the woman’s decision …  including instances of rape!

And now Jezebel shared this gem: the Arizona state Senate wants to make it legal for doctors to lie to their patients about birth defects to “prevent abortions.” WTF?! I think no matter what side of the pro-life/pro-choice aisle you stand on, you can see why this law is absolutely heinous: it completely violates the Hippocratic Oath physicians live by!

Pardon my language but what the @#!@ is wrong with America?! Continue reading “Happy f#@$!@ International Women’s Day”


Sometimes You Read … And Weep.

Sometimes you read something that just resonates so well that you have to repost it verbatim for full effect. This post I found on Jezebel is one of those pieces.

“Getting Skinny is the Second Act of a Fat Girl’s Tragedy.” Even the title made me tear up.

I read it at work, and cried. I went home and thought about it, and cried.

While I was never very heavy nor did I ever get super-thin … I could certainly relate to so many of the things she was talking about. And I bet a lot of us women out there can … which is both sad, and also a thread that seems to (oddly) bond women together:  our sense of self and how so often others define us (or we  define ourselves) by our bodies. Our physical shells.

I will spare you my commentary; it’s not needed. But I hope you’ll read Holly’s article in full after the jump (I’m copying and pasting it directly for your convenience). Continue reading “Sometimes You Read … And Weep.”

Appalling Post @ Jezebel Re: College Date Rape

This post is also at WeAretheRealDeal and isn’t something I’d typically blog about here but I’m appalled and well, it’s my blog 🙂 — beware, foul language (not mine) to follow in this post.

As an American University alumna, I’m absolutely appalled at this story making the rounds on Jezebel today, “Date Rape is an Incoherent Concept: Blaming the Victim, American U. Edition.”

Located in our nation’s capital, AU is known to be a pretty liberal school. I’m usually so proud to be an alumna of such an open-minded institution — known for its diverse student body and a reputation of producing politically and socially active alumni who do great things all over the globe.

As you can imagine, this is NOT the kind of news you want to share from your alma mater.

But it’s not something I want to see kicked under the rug, either. Continue reading “Appalling Post @ Jezebel Re: College Date Rape”