What Does “Too Thin For Her” Even MEAN?!

I admire Jennifer Hudson and her remarkable recent weight loss.

Coming off the most impossible of years, she looks fitter, healthier and happier than ever, and I’d give anything for that girl’s pipes!

In this week’s People, she says she is happy and doesn’t want to lose any more weight.

But reading the comments below the article, there are certainly mixed feelings. Some readers think she looks wonderful. Some think she looks “too thin for her” and others implied she hit a plateau and that’s why she is done losing. (To that I say “Whatever! The girl’s teensy!”)

My take? I think she looks great. She’s clearly thin and lean, but not bony or “scary-skinny.”

But I do think (and this isn’t necessarily a negative) that she looks very thin “for her” — in the same way at one point I probably looked very thin “for me” back at goal in 2004. Continue reading “What Does “Too Thin For Her” Even MEAN?!”

Jennifer Hudson: Focusing on HEALTH, not weight … for Weight Watchers

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